What percentage of your audience should be paid subscribers?

Publication and population: how many paid subscribers should I expect?

In this videocast, Pete and Tyler discuss paid subscriber trends for print and digital publications and how population size correlates to the number of paid subscriber possibilities.


  • Paid digital subscriptions are becoming the largest share of revenue for publishers including the New York Times.
  • Smaller communities feel more connected to their local towns and cities and as a result, tend to subscribe at a higher rate to their local news source.
  • Larger markets see a smaller overall percentage of people paying for digital subscriptions.
  • If print subscriptions are a dominant source of revenue for your publication, there is a huge opportunity in scaling up your paid digital subscriptions.
  • Consider you population/audience size and how many paid subscribers you have against the chart below. Set a goal of 10% of your audiences paid subscriptions. Yes you can achieve that.

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