Maximizing Non-Profit Revenue and Reach: How KBIndependent Achieves Subscription Growth

Are you a not-for-profit news organization looking to grow reader revenue?

This podcast is for you. We take a deep dive into how the Key Biscayne Independant is surging audience growth, donations, and paid subscriptions.


This podcast explores a groundbreaking revenue model that’s revolutionizing financial strategies for non-profit news publishers (watch the video below).

  • Podcast Focus: Discussion on KB Independent, a non-profit news outlet based in Key Biscayne, an affluent area near Miami.
  • Key Strategy: Non-profit publishers can use subscription models and encourage donations through new content access controls.
  • Subscription Model:
    • Readers access one free article initially.
    • Subsequent articles prompt a registration message.
    • Options include registering for free for full access with periodic renewal nags and promoted subscriptions for more convenient uninterrupted access.
  • Donation Nudge: The model introduces registration wall friction for free access and targets those readers for subscription donations.
  • Convenience and Local Journalism: The strategy makes supporting local journalism easy, emphasizing the importance of local content in driving subscriptions and donations.
  • Potential: Viewed as a promising model for non-profit outlets to balance public service with financial sustainability.

Listen to this audio podcast here:

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