An Interview with Greg Wolfe on magazine renewals and gift subscription strategies – Paywall Podcast

A Lifetime of Knowledge

It shouldn’t be a surprise that outreach tactics can be shared between print and digital publications. The two formats are inextricably linked in many ways.

In this episode of the Paywall Podcast, Pete chats with Greg Wolfe of Four String Media, who has spent an entire career helping magazines of both types increase their circulation.

The Highlights

The key takeaways include:

  • The simple truth that, above any other tactic, a magazine’s success hinges on presenting really good content;
  • The durability of magazines as a print medium, as well as their digital proliferation;
  • The continued value of advertising in print magazines, even as it decreases in newspapers;
  • The sweet spot of bundled print and digital subscriptions for optimum subscription revenue;
  • The importance of transactional data — more than demographic — in understanding reader behavior and targeting;
  • How cooperative databases work for print mailings…and why they don’t work for digital;
  • The benefits of collecting email addresses from print subscribers;
  • The pros and cons of print-on-demand issues and how to make them work for you;
  • How to turn failed credit card transactions and lapsed subscribers into renewals;
  • The overlooked value of gift subscriptions (which, for many magazines, could contribute up to 20% of your subscription revenue);
  • A look back on the evolution of digital publications and a peek forward into the future, from a professional who was there at the start and looks forward to seeing what comes next.

Though every publication is unique, most of these strategies and tactics can be adapted for common use. Have questions? Don’t be afraid to ask.

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