October 2020 Monthly Update: Checking Your Foundation

Find Your Cornerstone

This month, we’re focusing on perfecting the fundamentals. The first step to a profitable publication is getting the basics right.

We kick it off with a few words on Leaky Paywall’s full compliance with SCA regulations. Then we unveil our new Paywall Podcast and a couple new integrations to simplify your workflow, show off how we helped a publication tailor its content to its audience, and round it off with a strategy for ensuring your publication has a solid foundation.

Ready to get back to basics?

Featured Update: SCA Compliance

Leaky Paywall is now updated to meet the new requirements for SCA Compliance!

What has changed?
All payment transactions are split into a 2-part process:

  1. Readers register first, a proof of intent that automated bots can’t replicate. (Leaky Paywall’s built-in CAPTCHA is an extra layer of protection.)
  2. Only after they’ve registered their account info are they prompted to submit their payment info.

Why the change?
According the SCA, criminal networks often use subscription services to test the validity of stolen credit card numbers. The new process weeds out the bots they use to do it.

What does this mean for me?
Not a thing, really. If you use Leaky Paywall, you have already been auto-converted to this two-step process. The only major change is the complete discontinuation of Stripe’s pop-up subscription process. Let us know if you have any questions about the transition.

Here’s the silver lining: 
The new 2-step process is proven to increase conversions by 10%, making it a better option than one long form anyway.

New Feature: The Paywall Podcast

We are proud to introduce our new Paywall Podcast.

In the inaugural episode, Why have a paywall?, our own Pete Ericson, Jeremy Green, and Tyler Channell answer some of the first questions publishers ask about making their publication profitable.

The second episode, How to set up your paywall to convert more paying subscribers, walks listeners through detailed descriptions of the four most successful paywall approaches, with advice on other frequent publisher questions.

All episodes can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts.

Check it out.

Recent Integrations

Leaky Paywall now boasts a MagHub integration plug-in. The fulfillment service plug-in comes with a membership to our PubCare service, allowing for constant updates and full, personal support for the integration.

ZOHO Subscriptions
Leaky Paywall can now be integrated with ZOHO Subscriptions, a CRM that allows you to easily manage and automate your subscription billing and communications.

Featured Publication: The Fisherman

ZEEN101 is proud to showcase The Fisherman. The Fisherman’s monthly digital issue now comes in three regional editions, with weekly digital “inserts” also available by region.

Additionally, The Fisherman publishes real-time fishing reports. This includes Port reports filed by fishing boat captains, a featured report, and a weekly video.

Recent Success Strategy

Don’t design your new website…blueprint it. 
Bogged down in the architecture of your new website? ZEEN101’s Pete Ericson walks you through a blueprinting process that will help you identify and feature your priorities. It also serves as a great testing process for the relevance of your current layout.

Get started on your blueprint.


Until next month, be safe and be well!

Pete Ericson & Jeremy Green

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