What should you set your Leaky Paywall meter to? – a Profitable Publishing Webinar

New Research and New Regulations

On September 12th, ZEEN101’s Pete Ericson and Jeremy Green hosted our third Profitable Publishing Webinar.

This edition of the webinar kicks off with Pete’s tutorial on how to set your paywall correctly to grow your subscriptions. Then, Jeremy gives a guided tour of new settings in Leaky Paywall and compliance with new European payment regulations.

The 28-minute session was presented live to our premium customers, with questions in real time, and is now available to all.

The Highlights

No time for the video today? Jump straight into the highlights:

Pete shows you how to track your “nag stops”—the number of times readers hit your paywall—and how to use that information to optimize your meter settings. (He references a study conducted by the LenFest Institute, if you want to do more research on your own.)

He also demonstrates how to add a free subscription level—at the cost of a registered email address—to reduce friction in the subscription process and build a relationship with potential paid subscribers.

ZEEN101 has been using this technique on their test site and have seen their email subscriptions increase by 50% without losing any paid subscriptions in the last 90 days.

Starting at the 16:30 mark, Jeremy showcases updates in Leaky Paywall, including easier ways to adjust your subscription card text and registration form descriptions.

Next, he walks you through how to comply with new European regulations on Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) on payment processing.

Jeremy rounds off his segment with a new add-on for shipping options in the subscription process.

Don’t forget to check our our first webinar, which focused on creating special issues and tracking user behavior, or the second, which walked you through building your email list and tracking Google Analytics goals.

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