It’s your subscriber. It’s time to control your data.

Are you free to move about the cabin?

In this videocast, Pete and Tyler discus why it is critical for publishers to control their content and subscribers, use their own payment gateway, and be quickly able to export all of their data.


  • It’s important to take control of data, be able to export it, transfer it easily from one system to another, etc., so that you have full access/control over your information & subscribers at all times.
  • The caveat for some SaaS platforms is that publishers do not have control over the dashboard, data export, or subscriber creation.
  • Open-source software grants complete control over data and flexibility with updates, plugins, and publisher-specific needs.
  • The content management systems should be considered carefully when selecting a platform for publishers, with WordPress usually being the popular choice.
  • Publishers can leverage WordPress’s extensive community of developers for increased functionality.

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