How to reduce customer churn with a dynamic menu

Small menu changes, better reader experience

Customer churn is one of the ongoing, underlying problems with any website. Customer service is an unavoidable expense, but there are ways to reduce it. 

One of the quick, easy fixes is to use a dynamic menu. 

A dynamic menu changes the options available to a reader depending on whether they’re a subscriber or not. 

The more customized the options, the less confusion a reader may encounter. Less confusion means fewer questions, which means less need for customer service personnel. Not to mention, a better reader experience, overall. 

At login

One of the best examples of this technique is the subscribe/my account switch. All subscription-based websites offer the option to “Subscribe” or “Log In”. But once a subscribed reader has logged in, what do they need the subscription option for?

The Business Journal has found that changing out that “Subscribe” entry in the menu for a “My Account” option clarifies their options without cluttering up the menu. 

Account management

Likewise, tailoring different settings and login pages for the type of subscriber they are and redirecting them to the appropriate page is a great way to streamline the experience. 

For example, The Message, a Canadian marketing publication, has customized My Account pages for different types of subscribers. Members are presented only with options that apply to them. 

For example, a reader with a Group subscription will be presented the option to “Renew Group account”, which doesn’t appear for individual subscribers. 

These are very small changes, but they simplify a reader’s options at crucial moments, reducing churn and making for a pleasant experience. 

An easy win

There are other ways of tailoring experiences: Landline Magazine customized their newsfeeds based on topic and location, Tea Journey uses different pop-ups depending on the reader’s subscription status. 

But simply adding a dynamic menu is low-hanging fruit that also reduces for customer service needs. Who is going to pass that by?

Want to know more about reducing customer churn by improving reader experience? Let’s talk. 

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