Can a pay-per-article option actually boost subscriptions?

Should you offer a pay per article option?

In this videocast, Pete and Tyler discuss how a pay per article option can actually boost paid recurring subscriptions for your publication. We feature and discuss


  • Pay per article allows readers to purchase single articles.
  • Offering a pay per article option can help drive readers to subscribe if both options are shown in tandem with each other.
  • Make sure to include a subscribe option alongside pay per article. Show the pricing of both options. If a single article is $3 but a paid subscription is $5 for all articles, it will show readers that a subscription is an incredible deal.
  • Pay per article works best when the content has high value for the reader. In the case of, people can learn a new skill, which provides a lot of value making pay per article or pay per post a great option.
  • Here is the very effective subscription message that shows up when the reader runs out of articles (

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