How to set up your email newsletter to boost paid subscriptions

Your most important direct marketing tool

In less than three minutes, get the rundown on why your email newsletter is so important to your paid subscriptions and get a guided tour of a highly successful email newsletter.

Prefer to skim? See the highlights below.

The Highlights

  • Once you have a reader’s email address, via a free registration level, use your newsletter to convince them to upgrade.
  • Email is your #1 direct marketing tool because it sends readers back to your site over and over again. Registered readers use up their free content and have a higher chance of subscribing.
  • For magazine publishers: use archive articles to create a second weekly email – nobody reads every article, every time, so the content will still be fresh.
  • Always promote your paid subscriptions in your newsletter:
    • Use email tagging systems to automatically target free readers with a message to upgrade their paid subscription.
    • Use a button! Buttons encourage more clicks than plain links.
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