Subscriber Behavior: What insights do you need?

It’s time to identify the articles that convert your new free and paid subscribers. By digging into this single metric, you can quickly learn more about what readers actually value and will pay for.

What are subscription retention best practices?

We received a question from Flyer Magazine on how best to handle subscriber retention emails. After reviewing the website, the video below turned into a retention and new subscriber generation session.

Which articles are converting paid subscribers?

With our new Insights from Leaky Paywall, you can now easily track which articles are generating the most paying subscribers and free registrations. This powerful tool gives you visibility into reader habits, allowing you to identify which types of content are resonating with audiences and driving conversions.

How to succeed with digital subscriptions as a small local news publisher

Tyler Channel has a long history of helping small, local news publishers survive and thrive in the new digital world. The head of the Paywall Project and also head of Success here at Leaky Paywall, Tyler sat down with Pete to offer his wisdom on how local news publishers can succeed in the digital era, including two major success stories and a load of good tips.

How To Generate More Paid Subscriptions With Promotions – Paywall Podcast

More subscriptions, less stress Paid subscriptions are a key revenue source for most publications. Fortunately, there are any number of easy promotions and strategies a publisher can run to increase those crucial subscriptions. In this episode of the Paywall Podcast, How To Generate More Paid Subscriptions With Promotions, Pete, Jeremy, and Tyler go through a […]

Build your email list using related articles

From Casual To Committed The key to winning the subscription game is capturing the attention of your casual readers. Most of those readers will find you by searching for a specific topic and finding a specific article or through a recommendation on social media. (That’s why you have a metered paywall, after all: to make […]

Grow subscriptions by blocking incognito browser use

Strong Content, Strong Protection The Heisenberg Report is a digital publication of real-time political and financial news. They pride themselves on content that is current, accurate, rich with information, and just snarky enough to be engaging. All of which means that the Heisenberg Report has much to protect with its paywall. And that is why […]

How To Use Ad Techniques To Promote Paid Subscriptions

Creative Use on an Ad-Free Publication The Texan is a young publication that focuses on political news from the Lone Star state. The publication prides itself on being advertisement free, as part of its mission to focus solely on the news and on the reader experience. As a subscription-based service, it is not surprising that […]

How To Protect And Profit From Your Unique Content

A Different Kind of Content All content is valuable. Fortunately, just about any kind of content can be metered. Take a look at Automobl. Automobl is a new Canadian car comparison site. Founder Paul Webster has spent a lot of time compiling data on every trim available of more than 175 cars currently on the […]

How To Turn Your Digital Issue Into Your Sales Funnel

A New Sales Engine The transition into digital publication has been rough on newspapers. (This year’s New York Press Association Spring Conference has made that clear.) Your digital front end isn’t just a supplement to your print edition – it’s the engine that drives all your sales, digital and print alike. It’s time to put […]

Being A Newspaper In The Digital Era: Lessons From the 2019 NYPA Conference

A Rough Season Newspapers are caught between a rock and a hard place. That’s the takeaway from this year’s New York Press Association Spring Conference. We had the honor of attending the Albany gathering on April 5th & 6th and between the speakers and our conversations on the showroom floor, we got a clear picture […]

The Problem With Password-Sharing

The Black Market of Content You spend a lot of time and effort on crafting amazing content. You want your subscribers to be excited about it. You want them to talk about it and share it. A good metered paywall like Leaky Paywall will allow just that: broad scale sharing over social media without compromising […]

How To Convert Subscribers With A Coupon

Everybody Loves A Bargain There’s a quick, easy way to encourage people to subscribe: add a coupon. Coupons are compelling to readers – everyone loves a good deal. They reduce the friction of sales funnel, giving your readers an excuse to finally subscribe. And they’re incredibly easy to create. Digiday, which publishes content on digital […]

How to Price Your Digital Publication to Retain and Increase Your Subscriptions

And now for something completely different… We talk a lot about how to woo your subscribers. But before you can start growing your digital subscriber base, you must answer a very important question: How much should my subscription cost? Pricing a digital publication is a crucial starting point.  You have to start in the right place. […]

Join our webinar – Make The Most Of Your Metered Paywall

A metered paywall is a powerful tool for increasing your paid subscriptions and ZEEN101’s Leaky Paywall is as user-friendly as it gets. But even the friendliest and most powerful tool can be made more effective with a few tips and tricks. Join us for our FREE webinar and learn how to make the most of […]

Subscriptions, Not Ads: Lessons Learned At ‘WordCamp for Publishers’

A Learning Experience This August, WordPress held the first ever WordCamp for Publishers in Denver, Colorado. Hosted at the Denver Post building and attended by publishers of every size and shape – including such giants as Condé Nast, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and the Chicago Sun-Times – it was hardly an event that ZEEN101 […]

3 simple subscription nags that work

Your reader has reached the end of their free article meter and your nag to subscribe pops into the article. What can you do to motivate readers to subscribe? Here are 3 easy to setup nags that work. 1. Embed an image that sells your subscription View a few articles on until your trigger […]

Make them read the blurred text – How to motivate readers to subscribe

You run a metered paywall. Your articles are getting found in Google search and they are getting shared in Facebook. Your readers arrive at your site and comb through more articles. They are interested. They might subscribe. How do you encourage them? Do what the Austin Monitor does: Make them want to read the blurred […]