What are subscription retention best practices?

Subscription Optimizer for Flyer Magazine

We received a question from Flyer Magazine on how best to handle subscriber retention emails. After reviewing the website, the video below turned into a retention and new subscriber generation session. If you would like your subscription setup on your website reviewed just ask :)

The review

Video summary

•Pete from Leaky Paywall took a look at Johnny’s website, flyer.co.uk, and offered some best practices and tips on how other publishers are sending reminder emails for subscriptions.
• The first suggestion was to make all subscription plans recurring in order to focus more on credit card expirations/cancellations as well as using Churn Buster for follow-up with customers updating their payment info.
• Removing the WooCommerce layer of the checkout process would allow for a free newsletter vs paid newsletter that could be used to upsell subscriptions more aggressively via MailChimp integration (tag mirroring).
• Pete suggested tightening up the paywall by requiring registration after reading several articles but offering few extra articles per month if they sign up; also setting join button language from “become member” to “join free” which leads straight into registration page instead of membership options page should help capture readers’ email addresses better & drive them back via newsletters with upgrade messages promoting benefits of premium content access/unlimited content access etc..

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