Four ways to sell bulk subscriptions

Bulk is better

If the enduring success of Costco has taught us anything, it’s that there is value in selling things in bulk. This applies to subscriptions for your digital publication as well.

Which is why we’ve set up four different ways to set-up/sell/manage a cluster of subscriptions through Leaky Paywall, depending on the needs of your customer. (After all, not everyone has room for 120 packs of ramen in their life.)

All of these methods offer the same great functions that Leaky Paywall provides to single subscription sales: searchable, shareable content with as many tiered access levels as you choose to set up.

IP Exceptions

IP Exceptions are perfect for organizations that want to allow access to your publication at their physical location — schools, libraries, and so forth.

The IP Exceptions add-On allows access to the range of IP addresses belonging to that organization. Any visitor logging on from one of those IP addresses can access your publication without having to subscribe.

Corporate Subscriptions

Any group who share [email protected]-style email addresses can use the Corporate Subscriptions add-on to manage their bulk subscription.

Once purchased, this subscription is activated, anyone sharing the correct unique email domain name can set up their personal log-in via that email account.

Group Accounts

Group Accounts are for users who have a specific but disparate group of people with whom they wish to share their subscription — small groups with a shared interest in your publication.

(The coaches and assistant coaches of a soccer team sharing a subscription to a coaching magazine or a Girl Scout troop being gifted access to a children’s magazine…let your imagination go wild.)

The Group Accounts add-on allows one group owner to manage a subscription containing a designated number of seats. The owner can then invite whoever they’d like to join their group until all the seats are filled.

Bulk Import

The final way to sell a bulk subscription is for high-volume clients without a shared location or email domain.

The Bulk Import tool allows you to create a separate, hidden subscription level for the individual client. Then you can simply mass import that client’s list of email accounts into the subscriber table for that subscription level.

This creates a group subscription without having to add each subscriber one by one.

Want to learn more ways to boost your subscriptions – bulk and individual alike? Let’s chat.

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