Which articles are converting paid subscribers?

Introducing Leaky Paywall Insights

With our new Insights from Leaky Paywall, you can now easily track which articles are generating the most paying subscribers and free registrations. This powerful tool gives you visibility into reader habits, allowing you to identify which types of content are resonating with audiences and driving conversions.

If a certain type of article consistently brings in high-value subscribers, you may want to promote it further in social media and on your own website. This helps ensure that your most valuable content is featured prominently and may inspire ideas for future compelling content.

How do I get hold of Insights?

Make sure you update Leaky Paywall to the latest version and simply go to Leaky Paywall > Insights.

Note that Insights also displays how many conversions and article triggered. It’s the number in (#) after each URL below. Change the date range to suit your needs. See help doc

Article conversion was the most sought after metric that was requested from you. We have more in store for Insights. Let us know what you think and what other features you would like added.

And have a great holiday! We hope you enjoyed our little gift :)

Pete Ericson
Leaky Paywall

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