Improve subscriptions on Andover News with a Quick Registration

Subscription Optimizer Series

Want to improve the growth of your paid subscriptions? Pete from Leaky Paywall just reviewed the local news site Andover News.

The goal?

Boost email sign-ups and paid subscriptions with a better subscription flow.

Key improvements

  1. To get the most out of his paywall, Pete suggests turning off the message for no remaining content and using the default subscription message instead, with Quick Registration fields for email and password.
  2. Additionally, he recommends making the “subscribe” menu item a button and adding a login link next to it, as well as installing a plugin called “user menus” so that once a user is logged in, the button changes from “subscribe” to “My Account” and the login is hidden.
  3. Lastly, Pete suggests removing the popup that appears when a user registers and adding a persistent message with a link to subscription cards. Follow this advice to get the most out of your subscription flow and ensure your readers have the best experience.

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