Increase Subscription Revenue with a Family Plan

New products, more revenue

There are a number of new subscription products you can quickly put together and sell with the flexibility that Leaky Paywall offers. One of the easiest is the Family Plan. 

Creating a single plan with multi-party access is easy with Leaky Paywall’s Group Account. And such a plan offers a number of benefits, both to the reader and the publisher, as Tea Journey Magazine has discovered. 

How it works (and why it works for you)

  • Increased revenue
  • Decreased password sharing
  • Easy set-up, no maintenance

Group subscriptions create a subscription account with a set number of “seats”. The group administrator can offer those seats to whomever they choose. That group leader sends an email invitation to their chosen members, who then set up their access with their own email address. 

The biggest benefit to the publisher is, of course, increasing subscription revenue by decreasing password sharing. A Family Plan targets those readers who share their subscription with family and close friends out of convenience.

By purchasing a Family Plan, natural rule-followers have a quick and easy way to share their access without siphoning the publisher’s revenue. 

And by using a login restrictor like LoggedIn, you can target the more deliberate password sharers, too. By limiting the number of active logins your users can have, you limit their ability to share their access. Offering a Family Plan gives such readers a compelling alternative. 

And Group Accounts are a ‘set it and forget it’ option for publishers. Once you’ve created the option, no further input is required from you to establish or maintain the accounts.

Selling points

  • Alternative to password sharing
  • Social guardrails
  • Avoid tracking

The Family Plan does offer additional benefits to the reader, as well. 

The first benefit is, as mentioned above, that it gives rule followers an easy alternative to password sharing (and a better deal than purchasing individual subscriptions for every family members). 

But it also offers the family a number of social guardrails: a level of privacy and agency that password sharing doesn’t. 

Each seat in the plan functions as an independent subscription. That means that any benefits offered to members – commenting, social sharing, and so on – are available to each seat independently. They are free to chime in on the publication with their own voices and their own thoughts, rather than posting under the host’s name. 

This also means that their activity can’t be tracked or monitored by whomever else shares the password. They have their own login and their own account. If they want to start a fight in the comments with a group member, they can, without that same member being able to see their commenting history. 

A working example

Tea Journey has found that selling a group subscription is an easy way to offer subscription alternatives to their readers (and revenue alternatives to themselves).

Their 10-seat group plan offers the benefits of a full subscription to each group member. Each group member is easily added once they’ve created an account. And the yearly subscription is a fraction of the price it would be for 10 annual subscriptions purchased individually. 

The best part is that this is, essentially, free money for Tea Journey. Setting up Group subscriptions with Leaky Paywall is a quick, easy, one-time process. There is no additional maintenance required. 

Want to increase your subscription revenue with a Family Plan? Let’s talk.

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