Subscription predictions for 2023

So… what should you focus on this year?

Tyler Channel and I talk about trends that we have seen put into action as well as what publishers said they were planning on in 2023. This episode turned into a ‘recommended major themes’ discussion… actions that you should consider adopting this year. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did discussing it :)

Here’s the summary from the Paywall Podcast in case you just want to skim:

•Tyler Channel from Paywall Project and Pete Ericson of the Paywall Podcast discuss their predictions for 2023 in terms of paid subscriptions.
• They noted that there is an influx of local news publishers looking to get subscription systems up and running as soon as possible due to revenue streams, with smaller publications taking inspiration from successful stories such as The Welsh News.
• There is a focus on improving user experience when it comes to setting up subscriptions, including removing pop-ups, streamlining registration processes and providing a seamless transition between payment screens.
• Additionally, they predict more publishers migrating out of SaaS platforms into open source environments due to data control issues; these include passwords, usernames and subscription IDs which are necessary for making migrations smoother.
• Lastly Tyler suggests focusing on building subscriber only newsletters instead relying solely on social media likes or follows

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