March 2022 Monthly Update: MultiPass and the WordPress REST API

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Sometimes, we just want to make your life a little bit easier. 

This month, we’ve got a few updates to ease the way, a new feature to improve your reader experience and subscription options, and a publisher success story to help you gain some quick wins. 

Let’s go.

New Feature Sneak Peek: Multipass

Multipass is new option for publishers with more than one related publication: regional newspapers serving multiple towns or just multiple magazine cousins. 

Give your readers the option to subscribe on one publication for access to all of them.

With Multipass, once your readers register on one of your publications, they can use the same email and password to gain access to any linked publication. 

Currently Multipass is by request only. If you’re interested, go ahead and make the request. We’d love to talk it through with you. Find out more about Multipass.

Featured Update: Integration with WordPress REST API

Targeting and managing your different subscribers just got easier across the board. Control their access to special app content and more.

This integration gives you access enhanced access to your subscribers. Now you can identify them according not just to their role as a subscriber generally, but by their subscription level. 

Curious? Just ask

Other Recent Updates

Leaky Paywall Basic Shipping
For publishers selling both print and digital content, if just got easier to collect shipping info during digital registration. 
Find out more

If you’ve been hit hard but spambots, good news. We’ve updated our reCAPTCHA add-on, allowing you to adjust the level of filtering your registrants must pass.  

Featured Updates: For Developers

We’re always working to improve all of our products, for publishers, readers, and developers alike. This month we’ve got a few fixes aimed for the latter:

  • New minimum required PHP version is 7.0
  • Updated admin styles and branding

Featured Success Story

Example is one of the best ways to learn. See what other publishers have done to increase their success. 

Improve your subscription set up with Paywall Optimizer
North American Deer Hunter got a visual walkthrough of their subscription funnel, which identified key issues and offered easy tactics for improvements. Learn more

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