Why you need a flexible subscription platform

Leaky Paywall is built specifically for the needs of news and magazine publishers that use WordPress. In fact, you can generate more revenue streams than you thought possible by taking advantage of its core flexibility.

Flexibility = More revenue streams

We thought it would be a good idea to showcase how different publishers are using Leaky Paywall to give you some ideas of how you can put it to work for your bottom line. Here we go…

15 ways to flex Leaky Paywall and drive revenue:

  1. Metered paywall with free limited-access registration: Offer a few free articles to casual visitors and then promote a free registration for a limited amount of extra articles. This is a very powerful setup since it builds your email list and pushes your newsletter content to these new registrants. Over time they use up their extra free articles and are repeatedly asked to pay for full access. Learn more about how effective a free registration is.
  2. Sell premium and premium+ content: iPolitics sells standard subscriptions and during election season puts up a more expensive Premium+ level for 3 months for subscribers who want daily election coverage.
  3. Hybrid paywall that locks down subscriber only content: Meter content, sell subscriptions, and lock down subscriber only access via WordPress categories, tags, post type, or individual articles.
  4. Metered paywall with premium+ archive access: Meter your content, sell premium access subscriptions and sell premium+ access to articles older than a certain number of days. The Austin Monitor is building an archive database of content covering local town hall rulings, commercial news, and real estate transactions. Subscribers can subscribe to current news and upgrade to a premium+ archive subscription to access (in their case) anything over 90 days old.
  5. Metered paywall with instant email blasts when an article goes live: Risk Reversal, a financial news site, creates a subscriber funnel by capturing free registrations after 3 free articles, and offers their analysis to be emailed instantly and in full text only to premium level subscribers.
  6. Pay-per-post access: Leaky Paywall lets you sell subscription access and also lets you sell individual high value pieces of content. Universal Music sells limited time livestreams using Leaky Paywall.
  7. Sell subscriptions, memberships, and take donations: Leaky Paywall handles all 3 for the Western Standard. Subscriptions generate income, memberships provide extra benefits, and donations appeal to your super fans to support you more. Listen to our podcast on offering all three.
  8. Sell a premium newsletter: Leaky Paywall’s integration with Mailchimp lets you easily sell a paid newsletter with our Mailchimp integration. it manages access automatically for paid subscribers.
  9. Sell access to a bite-sized limited number of articles in your magazine editions: Total Football Analysis lets subscribers pay for a small selection of magazine articles while at the same time promoting full access in a clever issue presentation of their content.
  10. Promote and restrict flipbook editions to paid subscribers: Leaky Paywall integrates with your native, on-site flipbooks and restricts access to only paid subscribers
  11. Offer paid subscribers the ability to post classifies: Double your classifieds revenue and boost your classifieds engagement by easily letting Leaky Paywall subscribers post their items for sale.
  12. Free sponsored content access: Open up a sponsored category to allow free access to all your sponsored content as The Business Journal does with the Brain Gain section.
  13. Offer paid subscribers access to iOS and Android apps: Yes, our UniPress app platform lets website subscribers log into your apps with their existing email and password. It also lets in app purchase be made in the app store for instant access to your content. We find that our publishers that offer apps generate 10 – 30% more paid subscribers than without.
  14. Remove ads for paid subscribers: Set up a premium+ subscription level and let subscribers pay you more to not be bothered by ads. Our Ad Dropper ad manager lets you hide ads for a specific subscription level.
  15. Hard paywall: The hard paywall or membership has fallen out of favor since Google can’t crawl and rank your articles, nor do they get shared in social media. But there are uses. You can lock down your entire site or sections… categories, tags, and post content and articles if you have brand recognition and/or extremely exclusive content that readers can’t get anywhere else
  16. No revenue share: You can set up as many subscription products as you need and capture all the revenue via your own payment gateway.

There is more you can do with Leaky Paywall. Learn more and get started for free today.



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