We help Deutsche Grammophon sell individual live stream concerts

Universal Content

Content comes in many forms: articles, images, podcasts, videos. Every form of content can earn revenue. And so every form of revenue needs a paywall.

That is exactly the realization that lead Deutsche Grammophon to us.

Universal Experiences

Deutsche Grammophon is the classical music label for Universal Music. Seeing the ascendency of streaming content, they launched DG Premium. It’s a subscription service offering long-form performance videos of some of the world’s best classical musicians and orchestras.

They chose Leaky Paywall as the gatekeeper for their content, leaning on the tool’s innate versatility. Leaky Paywall is a hybrid-metered paywall, meaning that it can meter and lock down content the way a publisher wants; Deutsche Grammophon chose to use it to sell individual live concerts.

They also chose Leaky Paywall for its ability to integrate with nearly any functionality that exists, with a specific integration in mind.

Music is a universal language and its audience is global. And possibly the only thing more universal than music…is taxes. Every country in the world has its own rules and regulations for taxation.

So Deutsche Grammophon asked us to build an integration with Taxrates.io, an online, international tax compliance service that would automatically levy the correct local taxes for each registered user.

Universal Access

When it became clear that Leaky Paywall was a good fit for DG Premium, they requested another functionality: the ability to sell single, ticketed live concerts as one-off events, rather than part of a subscription. This ultimately turned into our new Pay Per Post add-on.

It was the next step for DG Premium: live concerts streamed into the living rooms or homebound classical music connoisseurs. The concerts are recorded and also made available for three days after the performance.

How are live streams selling? According to Stefan Ciesielski of the Universal Music Group after 6 months from launch:

“Pretty well… live stream sales sold well enough to continue the project and add additional resources”

That sounds like the start you want to have.

Universal Uses

So DG Premium is up and spreading joy around the world (without violating any local tax ordinances) and now Leaky Paywall has a new individual product sales function that any publisher can use.

It is this flexibility that makes Leaky Paywall powerful: if you can dream it, we can build it. Have a dream for your publication? Find out how Leaky Paywall can make it happen. Let’s chat.

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