Increasing digital subscriptions with an All-Access pass

Stepping Up The Tempo Of Subscription Success

Modern Drummer Magazine is at the top of their game for growing subscriptions. As a veteran print publisher who successfully made the leap to a digital issue, they’ve also mastered the art of setting their pricing to increase both print and digital subscriptions.

Now they’ve found a new way to simplify and best leverage their assets to take their digital subscriptions to the next level: The All-Access pass. It’s an approach they refer to as ‘the three handcuffs.’

Handcuff One: A Tighter Meter

Modern Drummer‘s first method of encouraging paid subscriptions is leveraging the high quality of their everyday content. One free article, taken with the ability to preview the rest and their stellar publishing reputation, is enough to prove their value.

So, they’ve locked down the meter on Leaky Paywall, going from two free articles a month down to only that crucial one.

A hybrid-metered paywall like Leaky Paywall allows readers to view the layout and contents of each digital issue and select their own free article to read. The structure of the paywall gives search engines the ability to index all of Modern Drummer’s content. It also allows readers and subscribers to share articles on social media, while restricting the access of non-subscribers.

Modern Drummer’s faith in their own content has proven true: the tighter meter is encouraging more readers to purchase a subscription.

Handcuff Two: Backstage

Backstage is Modern Drummer’s premium content level. It is a set of videos featuring in-depth interviews with well-known artists.

Backstage is prominently featured, but contains no spoilers.

It is also available only to All-Access subscribers.

Premium content is another great tactic for encouraging readers to take the extra step to become subscribers.

Handcuff Three: VIP

Modern Drummer’s final asset is their access to high-profile concerts and events. Previous events have included musicians ranging from Ringo Starr to Aerosmith to KISS to Billie Eilish.

Their VIP feature is a series of contests for tickets, backstage access, and concert swag.

Those contest are only available to —you guessed it— paid subscribers.

Rockstar Results

Modern Drummer’s three handcuffs — a tighter meter, premium content, and subscriber-only opportunities — have seen their subscription conversions improve over their previously successful setup.

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