Leaky Paywall – Gift Subscriptions


  • Gifter can send a personal email note to the recipient (or not)
  • Gifter can choose the date they want to have the gift subscription delivered. EG they can choose to send the gift on the recipients birthday or on Christmas.
  • Gifters can now use coupons for a discounted gift subscription
  • Gift recipient will receive the personal note and an email with their redemption code
  • Recipient can simply go to your Redemption page and drop in their code to gain access to your publication
  • You the publisher will receive a notification of the purchase and the recipient will show up in your subscriber database
  • All gifts are fixed length only to avoid awkward future recurring charges. This means if you sell a yearly recurring level of subscription, the gift buyer can only purchase a 1 year fixed length gift subscription. This will save you refund headaches down the road.


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All purchase options are billed monthly. You may cancel your subscription at any time. Plans subject to monthly license for support and updates.

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Current Version: 3.1.8

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