How to price your publication’s digital subscription to boost revenue

The key is to keep it simple

Get the rundown on boosting your revenue with the right path and pricing options for your subscriptions, in under 5 minutes.

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The Highlights

  • Keep your options as simple as you can. Boil down what you’re selling to the simplest form. Confused readers are more likely to opt out.
    • Returning visitors will see the same messaging over and over again. A simple path is compelling.
  • The fewest clicks from beginning to end will eliminate points when a customer may change their mind.
    • Hidden benefit: If you have a free registration level, they’re already halfway there. They only have to enter payment info.
  • Build a simple landing page, with your benefits, one choice, and maybe the offer of a gift subscription.
    • About 20% of your paid subscriptions should be gifts. A gift subscriptions is low-hanging fruit.
  • If you have a print product as well, try to keep the numbers the same. Don’t make them do math!
    • Consider having only one option, with an opt-out if they don’t want print.

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