Xendit now integrated with Leaky Paywall

The Philippine Enquirer to launch Leaky Paywall with Xendit payments

The Plus website experience is coming, and with our Xendit integration we are pioneering state-of-the-art content restrictions and subscriptions in Southeast Asia.

Recurring subscription payments now available in Southeast Asia with our Xendit integration for Leaky Paywall

Xendit is a leading payment gateway for businesses in Southeast Asia. It is now seamlessly integrated with Leaky Paywall and offers a range of services including:

  1. Payment Processing: Allows content publishers to accept payments seamlessly on their website through various methods such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and retail outlets.
  2. Disbursements: Enables businesses to send money to multiple bank accounts or e-wallets, useful for payroll, vendor payments, and refunds.
  3. Recurring Payments: Supports subscription-based businesses by automating recurring billing.
  4. Invoice Management: Provides tools to create and send invoices to customers, streamlining the payment collection process.
  5. Fraud Detection: Offers security features to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Xendit aims to simplify and streamline the payment process for publishers, enhancing their ability to operate efficiently in the digital economy. It supports payments primarily in the following Southeast Asian countries:

  1. Indonesia
  2. Philippines
  3. Malaysia
  4. Thailand
  5. Vietnam
  6. Singapore
  7. Cambodia

These countries are part of Xendit and Leaky Paywall’s strategy to provide comprehensive digital payment solutions tailored to the local asian markets. They offer various payment methods including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and over-the-counter payments at retail outlets. This extensive network allows publishers to collect and disburse funds efficiently across these regions​.

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