46% of 25+ year-olds pay for digital news subscriptions

The trend is turning… the world of low value free information is so underwhelming that we would rather pay for access to great reporting on our special topic of interest.

Your readers prefer to pay for better information than they can get for free. So if you run a news site that produces original content for your niche or community, it might be time to set up that paywall.

Here is the source:

To understand what factors motivate news consumers to pay for digital subscriptions, MECLABS Institute conducted a survey of 900 U.S. news consumers and published its findings in the MECLABS Executive Series. Read our interview with Michael Brunt, CMO and Managing Director of Circulation, The Economist, to discover what he has learned about its readers, as well as his thoughts on the results of our news consumer survey.

Source: An executive look at news consumers’ digital subscription preferences | MECLABS

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