August 2021 Monthly Updates: The open highway to subscription success

Put your pedal to the metal

Summer is blazing, the sun is high, the road to success is stretching out before you. Time to get moving.

This month we’re all about providing tools and partners to boost your progress down the road to subscriptions: new partners, new integrations, new tools to see what works and what doesn’t.

Plus a lot of inspiration from publications who are doing everything right and basking in the results.

Ready. Steady. Go.

New Partner: Codeable

A new partner for quicker customizations
Leaky Paywall has a ton of functions right out of the box but it is also endlessly customizable. We’ve worked with a number of developers to deliver your specially-designed version of the tool.

But now we’ve got a new option for you.

Codeable is a highly-skilled, highly-vetted, quality-guaranteed WordPress exclusive freelancer platform for developers. We’ve partnered with them to create a ZEEN101 Expert Pod, with the right skills and knowledge to create your dream version of your publication using our products.

How does it work?
Whether you’re starting from scratch or upgrading an old website or just looking for a few new functions, Codeable can help you.

There’s a link from our site that connects you to the four expert coders that have been assigned to our projects. Those four people have been specifically chosen to know the ins-and-outs of our tools so they are ready to help you build quickly.

You submit your project to them and they provide a free estimate. Once you come to agreement, they get to work. Prior familiarity with our tools means they already have a head start on what’s possible and how to make it all work.

Learn more.

New Arrival: Leaky Paywall Insights

In case you missed it last time…
We’ve just launched Leaky Paywall Insights, our new subscriber behavior platform.

Now you can make the best content decisions with both at-a-glance and drilldown details of data from a number of sources.

Built in partnership with 50Fish Media, Insights pulls together Leaky Paywall subscriber data, Google Analytics website data, and Mailchimp data to help you track subscriber sources, messaging performance, revenues, email conversions, and more.

The enhanced version, Insights + Social, also tracks metrics from five popular social media platforms.

Explore Leaky Paywall Insights.

Featured Tip: Customizing your subscription cards

Leaky Paywall provides you with default subscription cards…but why leave it at that when it’s so easy to customize your own?

Control your messaging from beginning to end with a list of features, with a reference to your mission, or just with the voice of your publication.

You can create your own cards right in Leaky Paywall or have them built custom with any number of WordPress features. Then you simply link your page to the Leaky Paywall level URL.

Learn more.

New Integration:

Leaky Paywall is proud to announce our new integration with the payment gateway.

An alternative to Stripe, Square, Paypal, and others like it, offers a secure way to process your payments online.

And if you’re already using, that’s one more reason to see what else Leaky Paywall can do for you, without disrupting a payment solution you’re already comfortable with.

Featured Publisher: Business Journal Daily

The Business Journal is a daily article publisher covering the business news of the Youngstown, Ohio region.

They publish a monthly collected digital issue and a special sponsored issue specifically related to youth opportunities and education in the area.

They’ve got a great, clean look and they’ve customized all their messaging to funnel readers through to the subscription page.

They also run a LiveMarket-powered local classified section and just launched their apps.

The Business Journal is doing everything right. Check them out.

Just launched…



The Business Journal just launched their iOS and Android apps using UniPress.

Apps are an absolute necessity to add modern readers to your subscriber database. Having an app can increase your paid subscriptions by 10-30%.

Adding an app creates a whole new pool of subscribers. Plus, the benefits to the reader experience are pretty great too.

Find out more about what apps can do for your publication.

New Podcast Episode

Episode 17 of the Paywall Podcast is the first part of a new series on our new Subscription Accelerator™. This tool is designed to help you get up to speed on your subscriptions.

This first episode, Subscription Accelerator™ Part 1: The Free Subscription Level, walks you through building your email list to grow your subscriptions.

The podcast can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and Pandora.

Check out all episodes of the Paywall Podcast.

Featured Service: Termageddon

Termageddon is a privacy policy generator staffed by actual attorneys. They help you customize your Terms & Conditions to best protect your publication.

Check them out.

Recent Success Stories

How blocking incognito mode creates more paid subscribers
Using IP Blocker to prevent sneaky readers from circumventing your paywall not only protects your content, it also funnels people back into your subscription system. See how it works.

Boost revenue and readership with a sponsored subscription level
Rugby News is combining a free registration level, email-based bulk subscriptions, and advertising sponsorships into something new.

By creating a sponsored, free ‘Student Pass’ subscription level, accessible to anyone with a high school email address, Rugby News has found a way to boost readership and revenue. See how they’re doing it.

How Foreign Lobby Report is increasing revenue with pay-per-article
Foreign Lobby writes long-form, high-value articles for a select audience. By locking down their paywall, offering individual articles for sale, and publicizing their mission, they have found a revenue model that works for them. See how it works.

More tips and updates are always available on our site. Any questions? Let’s chat.

Until next time, be safe and be well!

Pete Ericson & Jeremy Green


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