How To Create A Better User Account Experience

The Finishing Touch

Most of our efforts are focused on convincing readers to become subscribers. It’s easy to forget that there is still one last step: actually purchasing the subscription.

Most subscription checkouts are an afterthought: one long, scrolling page collecting all the vital information at once. As if the publication is afraid that the reader will change their mind if they’re given enough time to think about it.

SpaceIntelReport is handling the account creation experience just a little differently.

Know Your Worth

SpaceIntelReport is a publication that does exactly what it sounds like: it reports on information relevant to outer space: mostly reporting on all kinds of satellites but also looking at the future of exploration.

It’s a fairly technical publication for a fairly specialized audience at an understandably high price point.

But it has the confidence of knowing that its readers don’t become subscribers on a whim. When they’re ready to purchase a subscription, the SpaceIntelReport can usher them through the checkout process gracefully.

They even feel confident enough to offer a free week, not just on the main pages but on the subscription page itself. (Plus, they get to collect a last minute email address from anyone with cold feet.)

A Walkthrough, not An Onslaught

SpaceIntelReport designed a simple three step process for purchasing a subscription and asked ZEEN101 to build it. So we did. 

On each page, the reader is offered a simple sidebar reminder of all the value they’ll receive, plus the way the subscription works.

Billing info is standard, with the reminder to include any promo codes prominent.

The final page is an acceptance of terms and conditions, which also assures the subscriber of their data security.

The thank you page is simple, but also sports a subtle, welcoming change. Visitors are prompted to “subscribe” or “login”.

Members are greeted with their account access.

Small Changes, Better Experiences

These aren’t revolutionary changes, by any means, but committing to a monthly sum of money can be overwhelming. SpaceIntelReport manages to ease the customer through the purchasing process gently and welcome them in the end. 

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