Case Study: How Mexico News Daily took control of their data to grow revenue with Leaky Paywall

The Problem

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s set the stage. Mexico News Daily was stuck in quicksand with a rigid SaaS subscription system. Imagine trying to sprint with your shoelaces tied together—that’s how their revenue growth felt. The publisher had little control over their subscriber data, making it a huge pain to adapt or innovate their business model.

The Solution

So, what do you do when you’re in a straitjacket? You break free. And that’s where Leaky Paywall came in. Known for its unmatched flexibility and open-source architecture, this subscription platform is specifically designed for WordPress. In less than 60 days, Mexico News Daily, along with their IT team, was up and running. Leaky Paywall’s team wasn’t just a vendor; they were more like a pit crew in a Formula 1 race, fine-tuning a subscription funnel that featured a registration wall and easy-to-understand upgrade messaging.

The Results

Here’s where it gets juicy. In a very short time, they saw their audience numbers do a double take, all thanks to the registration wall. But hold on, the cherry on top was the 9% conversion rate from those free registrations to paying subscribers. Take a look at the ratio between free registered readers and paid subscribers in the chart below. This is what healthy audience and revenue growth looks like.

Open source flexibility

And there’s more. Swapping out their clunky old SaaS system for Leaky Paywall put them back in the driver’s seat, especially when it came to data control. They now use Stripe subscriptions for payment intents, which gives them the elbow room to easily increase subscription pricing whenever they need. Plus, they can now plug into Stripe’s marketplace to tackle challenges like churn mitigation.

The Takeaway

Leaky Paywall didn’t just cut the strings for Mexico News Daily; it handed them the scissors. Now, they have the freedom to tweak, adapt, and innovate, laying down a roadmap for sustainable growth.

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