How To Protect And Profit From Your Unique Content

A Different Kind of Content All content is valuable. Fortunately, just about any kind of content can be metered. Take a look at Automobl. Automobl is a new Canadian car comparison site. Founder Paul Webster has spent a lot of time compiling data on every trim available of more than 175 cars currently on the […]

Launching soon? Set up a lead generating landing page now

Are you in the process of building your digital publication? Start building your lead list now. Now it’s easier than ever to start promoting your site – with minimal work – and a huge payoff. The plugin, SeedProd, is a powerful, yet easy-to-use product that can give you a head start if you’re in the […]

3 simple subscription nags that work

Your reader has reached the end of their free article meter and your nag to subscribe pops into the article. What can you do to motivate readers to subscribe? Here are 3 easy to setup nags that work. 1. Embed an image that sells your subscription View a few articles on until your trigger […]

Add site search to your web publication to spot trends

Problem: How do you increase the number readers to your online magazine? Solution: Create articles that readers tell you they want 1. The typical way to get your publication ranking in Google search is to look at the keyword searches that are being done online (using Google Adsense which tells you the search volume for […]

How to add a display/banner ad into your WordPress sidebar

Learn how to quickly create a linked banner ad and publish it into your sidebar. This method breaks down into a few simple steps: In your Dashboard create a draft ad Page for this and future ad work Upload the display ad image and insert it into your ad page Link the image to your […]

Your magazine article page layout – Top 7 todos

The problem: Google tells us that 70% of all readers land on your article pages or blog posts and not your homepage. This is an amazing statistic and I have experienced the same. Now why does this happen? When people search, they search for something very specific. So lets pretend you published an article called […]