December 2020 Monthly Update: Gifts For The Season

Gifts That Keep On Giving

The holidays are right around the corner and to help you spruce up your publication for the season, we’ve got a few new tips and tools.

Add a flipbook, run some promotions, reduce your stress with simplified processes or new information, find some inspiration in the journeys other publications have taken: these are our gifts to you.

Go ahead. We’ll even let you unwrap them early

New Add-On

IssueM – Flipbook
Some readers love the page-turning experience, even in their digital magazines. IssueM now offers a Real3d flipbook that is hosted on your own site. Now you can show off your flipbook without losing control of the access.

Learn more.

New Podcast Episodes

An Interview with Street Photography Magazine takes listeners through the journey and strategies of a successful digital publication.

How to generate more paid subscriptions with promotions is a list of tools and strategies that can be used to grow paid subscriptions for the upcoming holiday season.

The podcast can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts.

Check out all episodes of the Paywall Podcast.

Recent Updates

Tag Filtering
Now when you migrate posts into IssueM articles, you can keep all of your existing tags. See how it’s done.

Leaky Paywall Lead-In
Customize your subscription process further. Now you can hide the regular subscription nag on special pages.

FYI: On the Stripe Update

A few months ago we upgraded Stripe in accordance with SCA compliance. Since then, you may have been seeing duplicate customers with no subscription.

Don’t panic! This is actually a result of their increased security measures. It’s a little confusing but shouldn’t affect anything in the long run.

Learn more.

Recently Featured On…

MagHub Monday
ZEEN101’s own Pete Ericson was recently interviewed on MagHub Monday. Check it out.

 In the News

One of the unavoidable problems with adding an app to your publication has always been the cut taken by the store. Apple, for example, takes 30% off the top.

However, Apple recently announced that they are cutting their cut in half. Going forward, only 15% of app subscription revenue will go to the Store.

Learn more.

Featured Publisher

Stone Soup
In the last year, long-standing children’s magazine Stone Soup redesigned their site.

It makes use of the full suite of ZEEN101 tools – IssueM, Leaky Paywall, UniPress, and the WooCommerce integration – to publish the same brilliant kid-written, kid-illustrated literary content it has produced since 1973.

Recent Success Story

Managing Multiple Digital Magazine Editions
The Fisherman Magazine has mastered the art of knowing their readers. Using ZEEN101’s tools, they are publishing three regional editions full of tailored content, including a full monthly magazine, weekly digital ‘inserts’, and daily port-by-port fishing reports.

See how they’re doing it.

More tips and updates are always available on our site.

Until next year, be safe and be well!

Pete Ericson & Jeremy Green

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