December 2021 Monthly Update: Gift yourself some paid subscriptions for the holidays

A Little Present

The holidays are upon us and what better way to celebrate than sitting back and watching your subscriptions grow?

This month, we have a great framework for stepping up paid subscriptions, as well as instructions for some of our existing functions (yes, it’s always easier if you read the instructions first), and a whole wish list of great tools to boost your publication.

Let’s go.

Featured Tool: Subscription Accelerator™ Part 2: The Email Newsletter

Here’s our holiday gift to you: the second step in our tried and true framework for growing your paid subscriptions.

The first step in our Subscription Accelerator™ Framework was creating a free registration level. This grants your casual readers just enough access to keep them interested, while netting you their email address so you can build a relationship with them.

Now we bring you the second step: making use of that collection of email addresses to start nudging your casual readers into becoming paying subscribers.

We’ve put together a deep dive on the art and efficacy of the email newsletter, complete with the opportunities it presents, the different approaches we’ve seen publishers take, the possibilities of automation, and how to track your newsletter performance.

And to make it incredibly easy for you to access and implement, we’ve made Part 2 available three different ways. 

If you’re a visual learner, we’ve got a video
If you’re a reader, we’ve got an article
And if you’re an auditory learner, we’ve made it available as a podcast.

Featured Tip: Restriction Exceptions

Last month, we introduced Restriction Exceptions, which allows you to designate specific categories or tags as exempt from your Leaky Paywall restrictions, making them free to view.

Now we’ve made it even easier to use, with a handy set of instructions for setting up your Restriction Exceptions. See the instructions.

Pro Tip: Campaign Monitor

A quick tip for publishers using our Campaign Monitor integration for their email management: are you looking for your LIST ID? Here’s how to find it.

Recommended Tool: Custom Login Page Customizer

The Custom Login Page Customizer is a great third-party plug-in that makes it easy to customize your login page in WordPress

Recommendations: The Complete List

We keep a running list of third-party apps and plugins that we think you’ll find tremendously useful in managing your publication. 

These tools will help you with everything from navigation to security to email to layout to content policies. See the whole list

Notice something different?

You may have noticed that our website URL has changed from zeen101 to leakypaywall.

Just in case you were wondering: yes, that’s still us. The same people, the same products, the same content, just under a slightly new name. 

Questions? Concerns? Compliments? Don’t be afraid to reach out

More tips and updates are always available on our site. 

Until next time (and next year), be safe and be well!

Pete Ericson & Jeremy Green


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