Harper’s launches metered paywall using our Leaky Paywall for WordPress

Harper’s is the second oldest print magazine in the United States and is making their way in the digital world. They recently decided to employ our Leaky Paywall to give readers 1 free article from their publication before requiring them to subscribe.

This gives Harper’s three important benefits:

  1. Allows readers to sample a full article for free
  2. With Leaky Paywall Google can fully crawl all of Harper’s articles so they rank higher in Google search
  3. Allows readers to share articles with others on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Here’s how it works (3 steps):

1. The readers gets to read one entire article for free

The reader views one article. After a few seconds the article countdown nag slides into view (see below) alerting the reader that they have used up their free article and that they need to subscribe.


2. A second article view produces a teaser and also prompts the reader to subscribe

This produces a subscription callout (the box in the article below) inside the article with more subscription info.

_Forum____Part_Neither__Part_Both__by_Michelle_Tea___Harper_s_Magazine3. Payment gateway

Subscriptions are handled through a third party payment gateway (CDS Global) that is tied to Leaky Paywall. Once a subscriber pays they will have access to all of Harper’s issues and articles.


Bonus 4. Mobile view

The paywall meter and subscription nags also work on phones and tablets.

IMG_1764Leaky Paywall gives Harper’s the right approach to selling digital subscriptions by giving away free sample articles, enabling articles to show up in Google search, and letting their audience share all their articles in social media.

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