How To Boost Paid Subscriptions with a Free e-Book

The Challenge: A Reason To Subscribe

For more than 10 years, Soccer Coach Weekly has been the go-to digital publication for the mentors of The Beautiful Game.

Replete with drills, training plans, and even personalized advice, Soccer Coach Weekly is an invaluable resource for the entire range of juvenile soccer coaches.

Originally launched in 2006, Soccer Coach Weekly has spent the last few years updating their web presence to keep abreast with changes in technology and readership.

With those changes culminating in a completely new site layout, the publication was also ready for a new push for subscriptions.

But how to convince even long-time readers that it was worth their while to purchase a subscription for the whole, new enchilada?

The Solution: Paid Subscription, Free Gift

Soccer Coach Weekly installed ZEEN101’s Leaky Paywall to kick things off. A metered paywall allows readers to read and share a few articles before being prompted to subscribe. It’s a great way for any publication to tempt browsers to read and readers to subscribe.

Soccer Coach Weekly wanted to take it one step further, to demonstrate their true value to all those browsing coaches.

Over their decade of life, Soccer Coach Weekly has created a number of independent ebooks, overflowing with tips and tools and curricula. They are all available for purchase in the WooCommerce store on

But the publication also wanted to use them as a free gift for anyone who purchased a subscription.

Fortunately, Leaky Paywall is flexible enough to allow just such an option. With a bit of customization, ZEEN101 was able to tie into WooCommerce and create a new option for free gifts with the purchase of a subscription.

The Results: A Powerful Tool Made More Appealing

Now, when readers of Soccer Coach Weekly hit the paywall, they are presented with a slightly different set of subscription options.

The purchase of a monthly subscription comes with a free ebook. A six-month subscription nets them two and an annual subscription allows them to choose three.

This is all accomplished with remarkably little fuss for the publisher.

When a new subscriber pays and chooses their free e-book, WooCommerce automatically generates an order in the WooCommerce store.

And just like that, coaches have yet another reason to subscribe. Score!

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