How we redesigned a website in 60 days to boost engagement and subscriptions

An Overloaded Site

Total Football Analysis provides exactly what’s in the name: in-depth analysis of the current world of soccer: its leagues, its players, its tactics and strategies.

It’s an embarrassment of football riches. Between the monthly magazine and the daily site content, Total Football Analysis was providing so much material that their old site had become clunky and difficult to navigate.

Founder and Editor-in-chief Chris Darwen says, “We decided on a site redesign, mainly because we are considered to be, if not the market leader, certainly one of the top three sites in the world for what we do, so we need to look like it.”

A Quick, Clean Solution

In January, Total Football Analysis asked ZEEN101 to help with their desired improvements to the site: to improve the reader experience and the navigation.

The goal? “To make more people who come to us, stay with us,” says Darwen.

The original website was overloaded with content: a complicated menu to jump around or a very long scroll to find the featured stories of each category.



ZEEN101 was able to provide a quick, simple answer: its in-house Anvil Theme for WordPress.

The Anvil theme is essentially a blank canvas, without all the complicated, built-in features of most pre-existing WordPress themes. With clean, clear code, Anvil is infinitely variable, infinitely compatible, and infinitely adaptable. 

The result is a quick-loading, high-functioning site, simple to build and tailored to the unique needs of each publisher who uses it.



The new site simplifies and highlights the core content categories, pushes the features to the top, and makes it easy for readers to find more of what they like. 

Scoring the Goal

In less than 60 days, Total Football Analysis’ site redesign was live and turning in results all for a very modest investment.

Personally, Darwen is pleased. “I really like how you can navigate around the magazine now, it’s very clear what you can do, how you get the PDF, everything is a little more joined up than we had it before.”

The numbers are good too. Between the new reader experience and some improvements they’ve made in the subscription process, digital sales are up.

The Total Football Analysis email list alone has more than doubled since the changes went into effect. Readers are committing to the feast of content they can now find and enjoy.

“I think the ease of navigation between content on the site and the magazine has made more people sign up,” Darwen notes. “Generally, the sales are up and that has got to be related to a smoother subscription process for the customer, regular email contact, and the site looking even more attractive than it already did.”

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