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Subscription Optimizer for Relevant Magazine

Relevant Magazine is an example of how to build a good looking digital magazine publication. Tyler Channel and I bring our top 3 changes we would make to improve audience and paid subscription growth. And yes, It’s mostly about early reader engagement.

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Video summary

•Pete and Tyler from Leaky Paywall and the Paywall Project reviewed Relevant Magazine’s website independently, coming up with three things that could help build paid subscriptions.
• Pete suggested removing a strong call out for paying to get rid of ads in the footer as it is hurting their ability to start relationships with readers. He also recommended setting up a free registration system which will capture reader attention early on and begin building relationships.
• Tyler proposed moving or removing the bar at bottom of subscription page so readers can view subscription cards easily, along with clarifying pricing plans by having one option for digital only ($59.99) & another option for print+digital (also $59.99).

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