Issue-based rockstars: 2 Folio awards for 2 IssueM publications

Take a Bow!

 Many congratulations to Modern Drummer and Einstein Magazine (and if you can’t wait… see the Folio winners now).

Their rockstar digital publications nabbed them a place among the prestigious Folio: Ozzie Awards, winner and finalist.

Who are they?

Einstein Magazine serves the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Modern Drummer is 40 years of publishing history in the music industry, all wrapped up into a sleek publication.

Built in WordPress, They use ZEEN101’s own suite of products to great effect.

The real hero here is IssueM, which allows them to stand out from the rest and publish their articles packaged in a real web issue that attracts search, social sharing and looks great on mobile (that’s right… not a flip-book).

What is Folio?

Every year Folio Magazine presents the Eddie and Ozzie Awards for “excellence in editorial and design.”

Often touted as one of the most prestigious awards in the publishing community, the Ozzie goes to the best publication in its particular category. Every year, more than 2000 hopefuls wait to hear if they’ve placed. 

This year, Einstein was named Winner and Modern Drummer has been named a finalist for overall excellence in the App/Digital Edition category.


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