Things You Didn’t Know About Leaky Paywall, Past and Future

Every Hero Has An Origin Story

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Have you ever been curious about more of the details, technical or otherwise, of how Leaky Paywall came to be and what more it has to offer in the future?

Our own Jeremy Green can tell you all about it. In fact, he did, in an interview with Joe Casabona of How I Built It.

For the full origin story of our most popular product, you should definitely give the whole interview a listen. (It’s about 30 minutes total, delving into the technical around the halfway point. You can also just skim the transcript, if you’d prefer.)

But here are some highlights.

Did you know…

  • without IssueM there might never have been a Leaky Paywall?
    It started with a request from an IssueM publishing client request and expanded from there.
  • Leaky Paywall was one of the first products of its kind to be served up as a plug-in instead of a software-as-a-service?
    Unlike a SAAS product, a plug-in takes no share of the subscription revenue.
  • Leaky Paywall used to be a premium service?
    We switched the core product to a free plug-in with charges for customization and add-ons.
  • you are a huge part of how our product grows and improves?
    We decide which features we develop based on the experiences and requests from our publisher clients. Need more functionality or admin tools for managing your subscribers? We figure out how to do it and then generalize it as an add-on for others.
  • our next set of tools will focus on automating subscriber engagement?
    There is a ton of data out there on where your subscribers come from, what they like to read, and how often they read it. Surround them with value and you can keep them coming back for more. We’re going to help you with that. 

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