November 2020 Monthly Update: Leveling Up

Fine-Tuning For Fall

You already have a fully-stocked tool kit for the success of your publication. But are you using every feature and function to its full potential?

With a handful of updates, small and large, new integrations, and a whole bunch of tips on optimizing what you already have, it’s time to take your publication to the next level.


Featured Add-On: Slack

A perfect tool for working at home, Leaky Paywall’s Slack integration sends notifications for new and cancelled subscribers and payment issues directly to your Slack account. Take a look.

New Podcast Episodes

How to set up your paywall to convert more paying subscribers walks listeners through detailed descriptions of the four most successful paywall approaches.

6 Examples of Successful Publication & Product Launches discusses six start-up or new publications and how they’ve nurtured their success.

The podcast can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts.

Check out all episodes of the Paywall Podcast.

Recent Updates, Integrations, & Affiliations

ZEEN101 is always updating, improving, and expanding our products. We’re proud to show-off a few recent changes:

New Feature

The Leaky Paywall back-end is now easier than ever to use. We’ve added a Collapse/Expand function to the view of your subscription levels. This eliminates the need for endless scrolling and filtering to understand some of the key demographics of your subscribers.

Featured Tips

How To Set Up A Free Registration Wall
A free registration level is a great way to ease readers into a paid subscription. Not only ease friction in actually buying a subscription, it gathers their email address for further outreach. See how to set it up.

Using Shortcodes To Output Registration Forms
Add a registration form anywhere on your site. You can create and design your own and place them for maximum effect. Learn more.

Recent Success Stories & Strategies

How Leaky Paywall and WooCommerce open the doors to subscriptions and purchases using any payment gateway 
Learn more about how two publishers have made use of the WooCommerce/Leaky Paywall integration to sell subscriptions and more using the payment gateways of their choice. Take a look.

How to optimize your registration page to encourage paid subscriptions 
Are you overlooking or misusing the real estate on your registration page? Street Photography Magazine has found a great way to make the most of that space. Take a look.

More tips and updates are always available on our site.

Until next month, be safe and be well!

Pete Ericson & Jeremy Green

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