November 2021 Monthly Updates: No muss, no fuss as you head into the holidays

Sweet and Simple

As the holiday season truly begins, we’re keeping things simple. Leaky Paywall will stay the same steady presence it has always been, so you can put your focus on other things. 

This month, we have some good news on improved security, a couple of updated options, and some inspiration from other publishers. 

Let’s go.

Major Update: WordPress Repository Security Guidelines

If you experienced some disruptions with Leaky Paywall this past month, the likely cause was the massive audit and upgrade we performed in response to WordPress’ new security standards.

We are pleased to announce that Leaky Paywall is now in full compliance with the new protocols.

Here’s what that all means:
The short answer: your content and information are now safer than ever.

The slightly longer answer: ZEEN101 and WordPress are dedicated to keeping your information safe. To that end, WordPress has a constantly-evolving set of standards and best practices for plug-in security. (For the full rundown, check out WordPress’ developer handbook.)

If you are still experiencing some glitches, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re ironing out any remaining kinks as we spot them. 

Featured Update: Restriction Exceptions

Leaky Paywall is pleased to introduce the new Restriction Exceptions option. Now you can select Categories or Tags that should be exempt from your standard restriction settings. 

Want everyone to have access to breaking news or COVID updates? Make it a Tag or Category in WordPress.

Creating holiday promotional materials you don’t want to count against the meter for your readers? Ditto. 

Also updated: IP Blocker

IP Blocker now works with IPV6 and shows the latest 10 IP blocks. 

Recent Success Stories

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