Read the Bibblio interview on how a veteran magazine publisher got digital publishing right

The Beat Goes On

The web-based issues and subscription success of Modern Drummer magazine is getting some attention.

Fully customized web issue publishing and archiving, an easy-to-manage metered paywall, and an automated iOS and Android experience, helped drive their results.

Revealing insights from Bibblio a Medium Source

The content-recommendationspecialists Bibblio interviewed Modern Drummer and recently published an article on Medium: the changes Modern Drummer has implemented in both their digital and print publishing strategies

The article focuses primarily on how Modern Drummer is finding new ways to monetize publication; integrated video ads and largely organic social campaigns feature heavily.

The End Results

The highlights for us, though, are how Modern Drummer has used Anvil’s inherent flexibility to boost their circulation:

  • The fully searchable and shareable content permitted by Leaky Paywall allows them increase their social media presence, which has boomed itself and increased their organic traffic by 20%;
  • IssueM lets them digitize their evergreen content from 40 years of publishing, giving new life to dusty articles;
  • Introducing a digital subscription option has also increased their print subscriptions.

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