September 2020 Monthly Update: Big Changes For The Changing Season

There’s Something About MailChimp…

Your email marketing isn’t just a sales funnel, it’s a sales vortex. It doesn’t just direct your readers to a paid subscription, it sucks them in. A reader on your email list is 10x more likely to purchase a subscription. Which is why, this month, we’re all about MailChimp and its exciting new updates.

In addition to seeing how MailChimp is helping you target your readers’ interests (and make the whole process automatic, to boot), we’ve got a few other tips and tricks to make your life easier and your publication prosper.

Read on!

Featured Update: MailChimp Add-On

The recent update to MailChimp gives publishers considerable upgrades in reader experience and also in automating sign-up management.

The biggest changes came to MailChimp’s ‘Groups’ function. Now your readers can opt-in to your preset groups at sign-up. You can organize them by location, topics of interest, or however you want to target them. You can even set it up so they’re automatically grouped by subscription level. See the set-up.

The RSS-to-Email function works with the Groups update to fully automate email campaigns by the selected Group. Your readers can receive emails based on their indicated interests without any additional work on your part aside from basic back-end box-ticking.

You can even set up a Premium Newsletter, just for your paid or premium subscribers. Get started.

Auto Opt-In
The new update even makes it easier to grow your email list. If you have a free subscription level, registered by email, that email address can be automatically added to MailChimp, rather than waiting for an active opt-in. See how it works.

Who’s Using It?
One of our early adopters is Ameritime Sports, who are grouping their local sports audience by town when they register.

Other Recent Updates

  • IssueM: Now compatible with WordPress Version 5.5
  • Coupons & Gift Subscription Add-Ons: Coupons can be used on gift subscription purchases

Actionable Update: Coming Soon

Changes to Stripe Integration
Stripe’s next update will include some changes that are no longer SCA compliant. It’s a small change and an easy fix: Leaky Paywall will no longer be supporting the Pop-Up Registration function. If you are currently using the pop-up, you must switch to the full ‘Debit/Card Form’, instead. Ensure that your Stripe Checkout is SCA Compliant.

Notable New Integrations

ZEEN101 is constantly building new integrations and functionalities. Here are a few CRMS and tools we’ve added recently:

Pro Tip

Want to bypass the Leaky Paywall meter for specific users? 
You can set up Leaky Paywall to allow readers who enter by specific portals — your newsletter or Facebook or a source of your choice — to bypass the log-in and get straight to the content. There’s a nifty bit of code that can get you started.

Recommended Plug-In

No Suggested Password by Fidgety Lizard
We’re not the only ones building tools to make your life easier. Fidgety Lizard recently released the No Suggested Password plug-in. It allows new subscribers to choose their password from scratch, rather than dealing with the suggested alpha-numerical ‘strong passwords’ that are the WordPress default.

Since subscriber access to critical functions is non-existent, there is minimal risk to allowing them simple passwords. And it will certainly cut down on your password/log-in help desk requests.

Check out some other plug-ins that will simplify your publishing experience.

Recent Success Story

What does a decade in digital publishing teach us?
This year, ZEEN101 is celebrating its 10th anniversary. That decade has seen us grow and adapt with the ever-changing world of digital publishing. Along the way, we’ve gotten pretty good at this digital revenue thing.  See what we’ve learned.   


Until next month, be safe and be well!

Pete Ericson & Jeremy Green

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