September 2021 Monthly Updates: Explore our new upgrades!

Old Friends, Made New

We love introducing new products and ideas. But we also love tinkering with existing tools to make them even better. 

This month, as the seasons turn and the year wears on, we focus our attention on improvements and enhancements to existing tools and partnerships and on making the most of tools we already have. 

Meet your old friends, all over again. 

Featured Update: IP Blocker

A unique tool, leveled up

The original IP Blocker

Our IP Blocker add-on to Leaky Paywall has always been a uniquely valuable tool. It stops visitors from switching to incognito browsing to get around the metered paywall. 

As far as we’ve seen, it’s the only tool of its kind. 

It works like this: A visitor comes to your site. IP Blocker stores their IP address. The visitor uses up the free article meter and, in an attempt to access more free content, they switch to a different browser. 

IP Blocker recognizes their IP of origin and re-routes them back into the subscription funnel with a request to subscribe for further access. That’s the foundation. 

The upgrade

That was the basic idea. But now we’ve boosted its performance to be, effectively, an enterprise level blocker. 

The original version worked for small to mid-level publishers. But the process of caching the IP addresses for high-volume sites impeded site performance. 

Now, instead of storing the addresses in a buffer, they get automatically transferred to a separate database, allowing you to keep your site running smoothly. 

This also gives you the option of completely wiping the cache, if you want the opportunity to reset your meter for all visitors. 

And now you have a database giving you an idea of how many blocks happen, giving you more insight into user behavior. 

New Partner: Publisher’s Service Associates, Inc.

An existing partnership, enhanced

We added a PSA as a partner not long ago. They serve as a subscriber source-of-truth, partnering with Leaky Paywall as the gatekeeper for content access. 

Thanks to this partnership, we’ve also added a few new functions:

  • The transaction is handled on your site, rather than diverting to a PSA-hosted page, so any compatible payment gateways (including and Stripe) and Leaky Paywall add-ons are available. 
  • We’ve built a multi-subscription function. If a publisher is selling multiple products — different content, rather than different payment plans or formats — readers can now purchase parallel subscriptions. Check out Hilary Kramer, a market analysis publication, running on PSA and Leaky Paywall
The seven options at the top, from Trading Desk to Inner Circle are all separately-sold subscription products. With the new multi-subscription function built for Leaky Paywall and PSA, readers have the option of mixing and matching multiple subscriptions to receive only the content they are most interested in. 

Learn more about the Leaky Paywall -PSA Integration.

Featured Publisher: Law Week Colorado

Law Week Colorado is a weekly issue publisher, focused on themed topics of law relevant to the state of Colorado and the nation as a whole.

In addition to their weekly issue, they also publish a running news feed and occasional special issues and they’ve compiled a substantial archive of back issues. 

They recently relaunched their site to improve reader experience. Their issues are built in IssueM for a clean look, easy organization, search engine access, and the ability to quickly re-shuffle existing content into fresh issues. 

Their issue archive is a particularly strong point.

Often publishers populate any archives with uploaded PDFs of old issues. Law Week Colorado has taken the time to go back and upload back issues as individual dynamic articles. 

Not only does this improve reader experience generally, it also dramatically expands the search and social reach of the publication. Search engines can access and crawl live articles in a way they can’t with PDFs or flipbooks. 

Check out Law Week Colorado

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More tips and updates are always available on our site. 

Until next time, be safe and be well!

Pete Ericson & Jeremy Green

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