Catch Magazine builds recurring revenues with a streamlined subscription platform

If you’re a magazine publisher, you know that recurring revenue is key to sustaining your business. And while there are many ways to build recurring revenue, Catch Magazine has found a platform that makes it easy and streamlined. In this article, we’ll show you how Catch Magazine moved from PayPal to Stripe to create a recurring revenue stream that’s growing month after month.

Catch Magazine began in 2007, and since then it has become known worldwide as the “official online journal of fly fishing photography and film.” With readers in more than 160 countries, and contributing photographers from nearly every continent, Catch captures the universal beauty and entertainment of fly fishing in waters across the planet.

Catch Magazine

PayPal’s recurring subscription service requires a PayPal account which most readers do not have

PayPal’s subscription platform has become a popular choice for subscription-based businesses seeking reliable, secure payment processing. However, having customers sign up for a subscription through PayPal requires them to have a PayPal account – and this is a roadblock for many potential subscribers. For individuals with established PayPal accounts, subscription payments through the platform are convenient and simple, but there is an entire segment of people who may be interested in subscribing but do not have or want a PayPal account. Catch Magazine was losing out on potential subscribers due to this signup barrier.

Paypal sends readers offsite to to manage their subscriptions.

Paypal’s basic offsite subscription management is a poor user experience. In order for subscribers to manage their subscriptions, Paypal sends them offsite and this often leads to confusion and frustration. Subscribers have to jump back and forth between sites if they want to look at different subscription options or make updates. Not only does this take up valuable time, but it can also lead to processing errors due to poor site navigation. The checkout page is not dynamic, which means that sellers are unable to customize it with their own branding or information. For these reasons, Paypal’s offsite subscription management process presents significant challenges for both buyers and sellers alike. It

The solution is Stripe

When it comes to smoothly running a subscription-based business, two key components stand out: convenience and accuracy. Recently, Catch faced some issues with processing payments when their subscribers had difficulty signing up for their monthly recurring subscriptions. Fortunately, with the help of Stripe’s recurring subscription solution combined with Leaky Paywall, anyone with a credit card is now able to easily and securely subscribe. This new payment system automatically updates the subscriber’s status in Leaky Paywall – thus eliminating any difficult and time consuming processes on Catch’s part.

Bonus: Stripe’s excellent subscriber dashboard

When it comes to managing subscriber payments, Stripe offers a much better system than PayPal. With an intuitive dashboard that lets you easily track and manage subscribers, Stripe takes the hassle out of this process. On top of that, stripe has advanced reporting capability that allows companies to get insight into their customers’ payment history. For example, you can track metrics such as revenue by customer Furthermore, Stripe also offers its users additional features such as recurring payments and subscription lifecycle management that gave Catch more control over how they manage payments from their customers.

Catch Magazine has grown recurring paid subscriptions

Catch Magazine has grown recurring paid subscriptions by offering readers an easy way to subscribe and access their favorite content, made possible by its integration with Stripe. In addition, the magazine saves a huge amount of time managing subscribers with the Stripe dashboard, reducing administrative work and automating a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of customer service. Most importantly, they are now able to offer subscribers a more seamless experience. It’s clear that Catch Magazine is well-placed for continued growth and success in the world of digital publishing.

Catch Magazine’s story is just one example of how you can increase your recurring subscriptions by making it easier for new subscribers to sign up. By implementing the Leaky Paywall and Stripe integration, we were able to help them increase their recurring subscriptions. If you’re looking for a similar solution that makes it easy for your readers to subscribe to your product or service, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to show you how the Leaky Paywall and Stripe integration can help make managing your subscribers a breeze.

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