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A Different Kind of Content Strategy

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else generated some of your content for you?

Wouldn’t it be even nicer if they paid you for the privilege?

The richness of your content is what draws and retains your readers. Valuable content that caters to the needs and interests of your target audience is the heart of any publication.

So it’s only fitting that developing that content would be the biggest expenditure of time and energy for every publication.

But they’ve found a way to turn those efforts into a source of revenue.

Paying Contributors

Fisherman Magazine has gone the extra mile to tailor their content to the needs of their readers. They publish three regional editions of their monthly web edition, plus additional weekly inserts organized by fishing area.

Beyond even that, Fisherman publishes daily fishing reports. They provide real-time details on which fish are biting where. These reports go even more local: they’re listed by port, arranged under sub-regions, in alignment with one of the three main regions.

The best part? The reports are provided by actual fishing boat captains sailing from each port.

And those fishing boat captains are paying Fisherman for their inclusion in the reports.

The New Digital Advertising

Fisherman is using an exciting and effective type of digital advertising. The boat captains are essentially paying advertisers.

But instead of buying a banner ad that most people won’t read and many will find irritating, they are buying more purposeful visibility.

They are providing quality content to the digital magazine. 

Each contributing boat captain is granted a landing page with a short profile, link, and an archive of their reports.

The reports from each port and captain are then collected into the daily fishing report.

Writers from the actual magazine compile a daily summary for each sub-region and put together a weekly video fishing forecast.

It isn’t a completely automatic process. While some of the contributors will log in and write up their own reports, others file their report over the phone and leaving the writing to the writers.

But the participation of these paying advertisers allows the magazine to provide a wealth of — otherwise unavailable — valuable content to their readers.

(So valuable, in fact, that Fisherman’s campaign to collect email addresses focuses on updates to the fishing reports by region. But more on their email strategy next time.)

All in all, it’s a type of digital advertising that actually works.

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