February 2022 Monthly Update: Quick wins and easy updates for your subscriptions

Quick Wins and Easy Updates

Boosting your subscriptions and subscription revenue doesn’t have to require a major overhaul. There is always low-hanging fruit to grab. 

This month, we’ve got quick and easy tactics for boosting your revenue, a way to audit your existing subscription funnel for easy wins, a few updates to make your life easier, and some inspiration from other publishers on how to build the site you want.  

Let’s go. 

Featured Tool: Subscription Accelerator™ Part 4: 15 Easy Tactics To Boost Subscription Revenue

Step up your subscription revenue with tactics for gathering the low-hanging fruit in the fourth installment of our Subscription Accelerator™ Framework.

The next part of accelerating your subscriptions is adding new revenue products.

We’ve put together 15 quick and easy ways to do just that.


To recap:
The first step in our Subscription Accelerator™ Framework was creating a free registration level. This grants your casual readers just enough access to keep them interested, while netting you their email address so you can build a relationship with them.

The second step was making good use of that collection of email addresses to start nudging your casual readers into becoming paying subscribers. 

The third step was creating a reader experience that increases the odds of those causal readers following through. 

And now, to make it incredibly easy for you to access and implement, we’ve again made Part 4 available three different ways. 

If you’re a visual learner, we’ve got a video
If you’re a reader, we’ve got an article
And if you’re an auditory learner, we’ve made it available as a podcast. 

New Service: Paywall Optimizer

Interested in a personalized review of your subscription funnel by Leaky Paywall’s own Pete Ericson? Welcome to the Paywall Optimizer.

For customers only, Leaky Paywall now offers a live tour and review of your subscription process, with tips on how to improve the experience and performance of your funnel. 

 Interested? Let’s talk

Featured Updates for Developers

We’re always working to improve all of our products, for publishers, readers, and developers alike. This month we’ve got a few fixes aimed for the latter:

  • New logging system
    Find the new Leaky Paywall logging system under Leaky Paywall > Settings > Help. This system doesn’t save password data. 
  • Bug fix for Stripe event
    No more Stripe glitches when a subscription is deleted. 
  • Update to Recaptcha add-on
    Now works with free registrations again. Learn more

Featured Success Stories

How to reduce customer churn with a dynamic menu
Customizing your menu options for your logged-in readers creates a better experience and reduces service requests. See how it works.

Building a modern subscription site with only small tech
Wilderness Living 
has a state-of-the-art subscription site with no Big Tech providers, preserving user privacy and avoiding shared revenue. See how it’s done.

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