How to publish your e-editions alongside real-time news

Everything your publication needs

Local news publishers put most of their digital focus into their real-time news feeds, but the best reader experience comes from providing an issue-based option as well. 

Fortunately, IssueM works quickly, simply, and beautifully as an organizational tool for your e-editions, without cluttering up your workflow.  

Just take a look at the Hurricane Breeze. 

A local paper, with a pressing need

Hurricane Breeze is a local news publisher serving Hurricane, West Virginia and the surrounding areas of Putnam County. 

They run a simple news feed website with daily articles covering local news, events, and even history. These articles are protected by Leaky Paywall, restricting access strictly to subscribers.

This encourages people to purchase a subscription, without hindering Google’s ability to index the content or a subscriber’s ability to share it. 

But not every reader wants to pick through individual articles every day. So it was imperative that Hurricane Breeze find a way to collect articles into weekly editions. But it wasn’t something they wanted to spend a lot of time crafting. 

Fortunately, IssueM makes it easy to create and manage a page full of e-editions. 

The right tool for any issue

While IssueM is primarily a tool for quickly gathering dynamic Article-style WordPress posts into browsable, collated issues, it is capable of either much more or much less, depending on the publisher’s needs. 

For Hurricane Breeze it became a quick-loading gallery for PDF editions of their weekly issue. (It could work just as well for flipbooks.) While the web content satisfies the search engine indexing, the PDFs add an option for readers. 

It’s very simple to do. In the backend of their WordPress site, Hurricane Breeze creates a new issue and simply drops in a PDF. 

The IssueM archive feature automatically manages and arranges these ‘issues’ in a chronological gallery. 

Each e-edition is automatically restricted to anyone but subscribers, just by the global settings Hurricane Breeze has chosen for all issues in the backend. (Though this can be customized to certain issues if the publisher chooses.)

Just create a page and setup the IssueM shortcode. The content remains native and onsite, without any add-ons or integrations that can affect site performance. 

It’s all very clean and simple and certainly much, much easier than managing an ever-growing page of individual PDFs. 

And that’s exactly what Hurricane Breeze wanted. Content packaged and protected to encourage subscriptions. 

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