Hide any link to any file (PDF, image, etc) in your media library from casual visitors.

From: $59.00

Let the subscriber set their own price for access to your content.

From: $79.00

Sell single or pay-per-article content alongside your paid subscription plans.

From: $99.00

Stops readers from using their incognito or other browser to bypass Leaky Paywall.

From: $299.00

Sell premium archive access. Upsell your archives after they age out.

From: $199.00

Offer subscribers the ability to pay for a premium pass to all your news and magazine websites.

From: $0.00

Create group subscription levels that have XX number of seats for multiple members under one group owner.

From: $199.00

Sell subscriptions to organizations by offering access to employee’s @email.com domain address.

From: $249.00

Offer subscriptions by physical location. Allow visitors located at specific IP’s to view your content.

From: $169.00

Create custom landing pages for special content access.

From: $59.00

Send subscribers to Mailchimp automatically. Easily manage premium newsletters.

From: $249.00