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Working Together

Building new tools and functionalities is a collaborative process at ZEEN101. Sometimes the ideas arise internally: trends we see in the industry, weather-proofing the software for changes in technology, and so on.

But often, we build new tools because a publisher had a wild idea and wanted to see if it was possible. And so we find a way to make it so.

The result is that we work on exciting things everyday, but we don’t always get to talk about it until someone asks.

In Episode 9 of the Paywall Podcast, Pete, Jeremy, and Tyler give a quick round-up of new tools and blossoming subscription strategies that we’re working on. (Plus some ideas that you can put to use right away.)

The Highlights

The key takeaways include:

  • A sneak peek at Insights, a new Leaky Paywall dashboard that will display your analytics and some other fun indicators of reader behavior all in one convenient place.
  • There are alternatives to splashing ineffective display ads across your website. Digital advertising is full of strategies that work and that don’t. One of the big winners is sponsored content: articles, emails, and entire issues.
  • Don’t be afraid to raise your subscription prices. There is a lot of leeway in psychologically identical price points. (To most readers, $19/month is the same as $15/month, psychologically speaking). Also, hey. Netflix does it all the time.
  • If you are going to raise your subscription prices, run promos offering to honor the old price point for free subscribers who upgrade right away. Use our Conditional Display Notice to send the right messages to the right subscribers.
  • Collect email addresses by restricting specific premium content to an on-page email registration access point.
  • A quick tour of upgrades that are coming out soon with Leaky Paywall 5.0, including a new admin experience, a new user profile and settings, and new revenue reports.
  • An introduction to the existing custom news function and its upcoming integration into publication apps.

Episode 9 provides inspiration for things you can do now and things you’ll be able to do soon, but it also includes a request.

What crazy idea have you been tossing around for your publication? Talk to us about it. We’d love to make it happen.

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