June 2021 Monthly Updates: An Cache of Revenue-Generating Tools, Already At Your Disposal

Sitting on a Gold Mine

You already have an incredible cache of revenue-generating tools at your disposal. You just might not know it yet.

This month, we’re showing off ways to increase your revenue – with steady subscription renewals, with new products from existing content, with donations, and more.

You ready? Let’s go.

Featured Update

Leaky Paywall: Expirations for Existing Subscribers
Some of your subscribers are non-recurring. We have updated Leaky Paywall to help you ease (and incentivize) their subscription renewal.

Now you can add a ‘subscribe’ button to the expiration card that notifies them of the lapsed subscription. Send them straight to the subscription page to re-up for the next term.

Second, you can use a coupon or discount to encourage them to renew or upgrade early. Now, you can ensure that they get the full value of their subscription: full  terms for both new subscriptions & old.

Featured Website: Foreign Lobby Report

Foreign Lobby Report – which does exactly what the name suggests: report on the activity of foreign lobbies in US concerns – is winning at the revenue game.

First, they have created a great layout for their subscription page. It clearly highlights the pricing and benefits of purchasing a subscription.

And to monetize their less devoted readership, Foreign Lobby Report is using the Pay Per Post function to sell access to individual articles.

They even doubled the price to $5 without experiencing a drop in sales.

Check out Foreign Lobby Report.

New Podcast Episodes

Continuing from the last episode, Easy ways to level up your website to build paid subscriptions – Part 2 walks the listener through the basics of targeting: how to reach out to different types of subscribers and what to say to them.

Part 3 is a primer on creating new products from existing content and tools.

The podcast can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and Pandora.

Check out all episodes of the Paywall Podcast.

From the Podcast: Tips for Increasing Revenue

Trying to find instructions for creating some of the new products referenced in the Podcast? Look no further:

Featured Tip: How to manage your App menu

Apps are an incredibly valuable tool for any publication. Not only do they provide a vital service to your existing readers, they open up a whole new pool of potential subscribers. Don’t let the fear of learning new tools stop you from taking advantage of the benefits.

Start by learning how incredibly it is to organize your App content menu.

FAQ: How secure is Leaky Paywall?

The short answer is: pretty darn secure.

The slightly longer answer is: Leaky Paywall doesn’t personally store any of your important data. All of it is hidden behind the impressive shields built by WordPress, Stripe, and/or your chosen CRM.

Still curious? Get the full answer.

Recent Success Story

How Tea Journey Magazine found a new way to increase revenue with donations
Tea Journey has a mission: to boost knowledge on tea and the culture that surrounds it. Now they’re using that mission (and a few tools they already possess) to widen their revenue stream, almost effortlessly.

See how Tea Journey is collecting donations from loyal readers.



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Until next time, be safe and be well!

Pete Ericson & Jeremy Green

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