How To Protect Your Content With Category Restrictions

Leaky Paywall Makes Your Life Just A Little Easier

A metered paywall is a necessity for a digital publication. It protects your content without locking away its value from the search engines and social media outlets that drive reach and visibility.

A flexible metered paywall like Leaky Paywall can do even more. It allows you to pick and choose how you want to meter your content: how many articles are free, which articles belong to which subscription level, and more.

And Leaky Paywall just made your life a little bit easier with a new feature: category restrictions.

What Are Category Restrictions?

Chances are good that you’re already using WordPress categories. They are a standard feature for WordPress posts – that little check mark before you click that tells you what kind of article you’re publishing.

Leaky Paywall now gives you the option of changing your meter on a category-by-category basis.

We got the idea from community news service The News Reporter, which has been serving Whiteville, North Carolina since 1890. (Their digital publication started a little later.)

The News Reporter publishes articles on all the standard topics and they like using Leaky Paywall to meter how much their readers can see for free.

They also publish obituaries. And no one should have to pay to read an obituary.

They asked if there was an easy way to make all their obituaries free, automatically.

And so category restrictions were born.

Use Category Restrictions For More Than Obits

You can use this tool in any number of ways.Your categories don’t have to be based on your topics.

Create a “Premium” or “Members Only” category and when you publish a particularly special piece of content, all you have to do is click that category to restrict it to paid subscribers.

Here is an example that restricts posts that are in the “Members Only” category to 2 free posts. It also restricts all content in the post type “Articles” to 3 free articles before the subscribe nag is displayed.

Category restrictions members only

Another example is restricting access to only a “Sports” category on your Posts. You could sell a “Sports Only” level to your readers.

Category Restrictions sports

The possibilities are endless

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