How a legal magazine used their paywall to explode their email list (and subscriptions)

The Challenge: Strong Content, Low Readership and Subscriptions The Practice is an online magazine published by Harvard Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession. It’s a valuable resource for legal professionals, full of news, analysis, and continued learning on the global practice of law. Published first in 2014, and running seven issues per volume in […]

Read the Bibblio interview on how a veteran magazine publisher got digital publishing right

The Beat Goes On The web-based issues and subscription success of Modern Drummer magazine is getting some attention. Fully customized web issue publishing and archiving, an easy-to-manage metered paywall, and an automated iOS and Android experience, helped drive their results. Revealing insights from Bibblio a Medium Source The content-recommendation–specialists Bibblio interviewed Modern Drummer and recently published an […]

Meet us at Denver’s WordCamp for Publishers!

Twenty years ago, I was a publishing student in Emerson College’s Writing, Literature, and Publishing program. I loved books and print, but—truth be told—I attended the program’s print publishing classes begrudgingly—solely for employ-ability reasons. (Because who wouldn’t want a $25,000/year job with no benefits in New York City…?) The print world didn’t thrill me. After […]

We help Einstein Magazine win Best Design – Folio Award

Einstein Magazine was chosen by Folio as 2016 and now 2017 Winner of it’s category for digital publications. It uses our IssueM toolkit for WordPress to manage live web issues. We are very proud that our issue publishing platform runs the core of this publication. Source: 2017 Folio: Ozzie Digital Award Winners Source: 2016 Folio: Ozzies Digital […]

The New Yorker finds success with its metered paywall

If you are considering or implementing a metered paywall you need to read this article. The New Yorker magazine has some very compelling data about the success of it’s metered paywall. As of today they offer 6 free articles before you need to pay to subscribe. At article 4 they interrupt you to promote their […]

Harper’s launches metered paywall using our Leaky Paywall for WordPress

Harper’s is the second oldest print magazine in the United States and is making their way in the digital world. They recently decided to employ our Leaky Paywall to give readers 1 free article from their publication before requiring them to subscribe. This gives Harper’s three important benefits: Allows readers to sample a full article […]

Ad Blogging: Monitization strategy #4

#4 Ad Blogging – letting advertisers promote 24/7 on your site One of the best kept secrets in advertising is simply giving your advertisers the ability to blog their promotions on your website’s homepage. Let’s call them “ad bloggers” Instead of filling up premium space with banner ads, go ultra premium: let advertisers publish their […]

The Native Ad: Monitization strategy #2

#2 Native Ads – preserving the trust What is a native ad? Remember the advertorial in magazines? Well, native advertising is the same thing. You publish an article that is sponsored or paid as if it were a regular article. The difference is you must flag it to the reader as “Promoted or Sponsored” and […]

The Banner Ad: Monitization strategy #1:

Your audience is always willing to “pay” to read your publication. How much they are willing to pay is the unknown you must uncover. Let’s explore the possibilities and put an approach together for your publication. Before we begin, consider what your audience will tolerate: Your reader will always pay by Accepting ads, Subscribing with […]

Publisher profile: Running a metered paywall and apps… together

Profile DKonPittsburghSports is a Pittsburgh sports news site run by the award winning journalist Dejan Kovacevic (DK). DK offers readers 2 free articles using a metered paywall. The paywall is integrated with his iOS and Android apps for centralized subscriber management. After a reader views 2 articles either on his website or in his apps, […]

It’s time to monetize your back issues

Why are readers drawn to content decades or even centuries old? The answer is a simple one: Articles that were once popular as cutting-edge news are now highly valued for their historical content. Digital archives are typically being made available through premium multimedia subscriptions that command significantly higher rates than print-only subscriptions — while still […]

What Does ‘Going Digital’ Actually Mean For Publishers?

“Going digital” has been the publisher’s catch-cry ever since the web started to take hold but for many small publishers it’s always been a costly undertaking. In the last few years, that’s all changed as low-cost, often free, products have once again levelled the publishing playing field. Now, the problem is not one of cost […]